Sun City Commercial Maintenance Program

Sun City Commercial Maintenance ProgramContact Grand Canyon Home Services LLC for our commercial maintenance program and you’ll have less costly breakdowns, more energy savings, a more comfortable cooler building atmosphere, and a customized plan that will meet your budgeting as well as cooling needs. Most companies understand that it is better to schedule maintenance activities in order to keep up with their cooling systems, but continue to spend the bulk of their resources on operating respectively. Budgets are hard to work with. No one wants to actually keep within the boundaries of cooling their building down whenever it’s hot out.

Creating a Comfortable Environment

There is no reason to be uncomfortable at work because that often brings production down and a loss of customers. A comfortable work environment means that production increases and so does the client base. Most companies don’t turn their AC systems on until the temperatures reach a certain, uncomfortable, degree.

Reducing Breakdowns

Our practical approach to your commercial AC system is what will cause it to have fewer breakdowns over time. We’ll find the problem and quickly repair it so that you’re not spending money on future repairs or replacement costs in your Sun City commercial structure.


  • Knowing your AC system will be checked out annually
  • Peace of mind
  • reduced energy costs
  • Preserved AC equipment

Energy Savings

Equipment uses more energy whenever it has a buildup of dirt and dust. A clean AC system uses up to 50% less energy than a dirty one. We can help keep your system clean so that your company saves money on energy and you have a cooler building.

Preserving the Air Conditioner

The objective of our maintenance plan is to keep your equipment preserved and running. Replacement costs have skyrocketed in the past several years, so why not invest wisely for the future? We’ll make sure that your cooling system is running at full capacity.

Working with the AC Budget

We will work with your AC budget to develop a plan to keep cooling costs low and prevent costly replacements from occurring. We understand that a commercial businesses run off of a budgets and has to spend wisely.

Benefits of Commercial Program

There are many advantages to one of our commercial plans. When it comes to cooling down the office or factory, you’ll find that Grand Canyon Home Services LLC has the answer for keeping costs low. It takes the right balance of maintenance and repairs to the AC.


Our commercial service is a small investment for the peace of mind and energy savings that you’ll receive. A well-maintained commercial-grade Sun City air conditioning system can be cost effective and operable whenever you need it to be.

Call us today for a Sun City commercial maintenance program. If you want to save and preserve your cooling system, this is the best way to go about it.

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