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Sun City Air Conditioning RepairsGrand Canyon Home Services LLC in Arizona, is a well-established air conditioning repair company who has been in business since 1998. Through the years, we have developed a successful and dignified reputation that has led us to become so successful. We provide written estimates for every project that we get on. Our customers love the attention we pay to details and the competitive rates we offer. Call today and let us help make your home colder this summer.

Common AC Problems

An air conditioner can fail almost at any time. This normally happens without warning. You need to have better comfort in your home to be able to handle the Arizona temperatures outside. Failures and outage are common with AC systems and the following problems:

  • Fans and condenser failure
  • Sensor failure
  • Lack of maintenance

Fan and Condenser Failure

Fan and condenser failure can add up to some pretty pricey repairs.  Replacing burnt-out fan motors is usually worth the investment in order to get your air conditioner up and running again, though a failed condenser can be a major problem. 

Sensor Failure

The electronic controls and sensors that cause your air conditioner fan and condenser to kick off and on correctly are often the first components to go.  At times- these sensors are knocked out of position in Sun City causing the air conditioner to cycle continuously.

Lack of Maintenance

A lack of maintenance can cause any AC to fail. This is why it’s urgent for homeowners to change their filters often. A dirty filter is not the only reason why an AC system would fail. An AC system would most likely fail due to dirt and debris buildup.

Freon Leaks

Problems can stem from Freon leaks. Letting a leak get out of control will cause your system to fail along complicate problems more so. Freon can be dangerous around children and pets and why it should be taken care of immediately as well as:

  • Reduce efficiency
  • Freeze up the evaporator coil
  • Freon levels can cause overheating of the system


Having your AC checked on a regular basis as this will prevent all types of problems like those mentioned above. Grand Canyon Home Services LLC can take care of your system and make it fully functional. Call today and schedule repairs for your system as they serve as preventative maintenance that avoids future repairs.

Sun City air conditioning repairs are necessary in helping your system to become effective and operable at all times. When you start your AC us this year, call us to keep it running.

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