Top-of-the-Line Thermostats in Sun City

Sun City ThermostatYour AC accounts for almost half of your household’s energy bill. On average, you more than likely spend over $1,000 a year just cooling your home down for the summer. By switching to a programmable thermostat, you can save at least $200 a year. Contact the AC technicians from Grand Canyon Home Services LLC and have yours installed today. Your home’s temperatures will be much more consistent and so will your energy bills.

Energy Reduction

We often take for granted the amount of energy we use in a day. We don’t see that keeping all the lights on is a great loss until we receive the bill or do we notice that the continuous opening of the fridge leads to wasted energy. With a programmable device, you’ll notice lower energy bills as well as usage.

Older Windows

Drafty homes can be a problem, especially the doors and windows. When there is a draft, it can be one of several reasons. Older windows let drafts in and end up throwing the cool air from the AC to the outside. Programmable devices can detect these problems and properly adjust to them.


The pre-programmed settings offer you the option to save you even more money. Without sacrificing your comfort, the setting allow for the device to get to know you. Your device will begin to adapt to how you like the temps in your Sun City home as it customizes to you.


There are lots of various types of programmable devices on the home improvement/energy market today. Chose wisely because there are many suited for your air conditioning system as well as the size of the family unit. Some even have built-in Wi-Fi.

Decreasing Cooling Bills

Thermostat InstallationThe key to reducing cooling costs is to establish a program which best works for you. When you get into a certain routine, stay with it because the device can help, not eliminate, your cooling bills per month. Lowering your bills consists of:

  • Keep unit at steady temps
  • Closing all doors and windows
  • Eliminating drafts

Safety and Ease

Using a programmable device is a huge convenience compared to using a manual one. You can program the devices while away from the home. They can be linked to your laptop, tablet, cellular phone, or any other smart device.

When it gets warm outside, make sure that your home is equipped with the newest latest technology in Sun City air conditioning thermostats. A programmable unit is an advancement that can lower your bills, keep the home comfortable, and turn your home into a smart home. Call us today and start saving!

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