Sun City Reliable Furnace Repairs

Sun City Furnace RepairsGrand Canyon Home Services LLC offers the most dependable and reliable furnace repairs. We are proud to serve our community as well as offer such a helpful service. We have all that you possibly need for your gas or oil furnace because our services are always done by experts in the HVAC field. With our commitment and loyalty to the community, we can bring back those comfortable temperatures into your home. So when something goes wrong with your furnace, you can count on us to deliver such an amazing service.

Common Furnace Issues

Your home’s furnace is supposed to work 24/7 and blow out hot air. But it is not uncommon for them to breakdown on you when you most need them. As they cycle on and off, they become more fragile. The following are common furnace problems:

  • Lack of maintenance
  • Dust
  • Pilot or ignition light
  • Heat exchanger


A lack of maintenance is to blame for all sorts of HVAC problems. If you are not on top of things, they will eventually end up getting you where it hurts- your wallet. Nobody wants to mess around with their heating unit to clean it or tune it up. This is where our techs come in.


The collection of dust, inside of your furnace, can hinder its function. As dust collects, it can dry out the motor and cause the motor bearings to go seize up. Sun City homes are at risk because of the dust accumulation in their systems.

Pilot Light or Ignition Problems

Your furnace utilizes a system of gas piping and circuitry. If anything fails in the combustion chain, the system will shut down. Normally the problems lie within the pilot light or ignition switch. Catching the problems early will provide you with a worry free heating season.

Heat Exchanger

A heat exchanger that’s cracked will lead to major problems. The exchanger is the part responsible for separating the products for combustion. When the heat exchanger becomes too hot, it could crack. We can prevent your furnace from becoming too weak.

Do not let anyone but professionals attend to your furnace’s problems. We know how much you depend on it and want to provide it with the best repairs possible. Do not risk having to replace it, when you see warning signs, call in our techs.

For Sun City air conditioning and furnace repairs done right, contact Grand Canyon Home Services LLC. We’ll get your furnace working again and that’s a promise. There’s no waiting or guessing with our guys. Call and schedule yours today and let us create more comfort in your home.

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