Sun City Steadfast Heat Pump Repairs

Sun City Heat Pump RepairsA heat pump warms up the home in the winter and cools it down in the summer. This is how one is supposed to work. If yours is not pumping out heat or making your home colder in the summer, you have issues that Grand Canyon Home Services LLC needs to repair. We offer the best prices around on our heat pump repairs. We offer the best and simplest solutions for your home that will leave it warm and comfortable this winter and even more comfy come summer.

How a Heat pump Works

A heat pump is a heat exchanger that removes heat from indoor air to cool it and extracts heat from outside air and pumps it indoors to heat a home. It takes advantage of liquid’s tendency to absorb heat as it expands.

Problems with Heat Pumps

There are some things that can go wrong with a heat pump that you may not be aware of, especially if you have never experienced problems before. If you notice any of the following problems, contact out HVAC specialists in Sun City:

  • Heat pump stops running
  • Defrost cycles last for more than 15 minutes
  • Rooms are too cool or warm

The Need for Repairs

You can get the replacement parts that you need form Grand Canyon Home Services LLC.Our service vehicles are always fully stocked and have the parts that you need to make your indoor climate bearable. We have what your pump needs for maximum operation.

Advantages of a Heat Pump

Owning an operable heat pump can be very rewarding during all seasons of the year. They not only cost less to operate, they operate better when repaired. You’ll experience the following advantages of having a working heat pump:

  • Reduced heating bills
  • Total control
  • Less maintenance

Air Source Heat Pump

There are several different kinds of heat pumps, but the most common is an air source heat pump.  What this means is that the unit is utilizing the heat within the air and converting that energy to be able to heat or cool your home.  As strange as it may sound, the coil inside the heat pump allows you to use the 40° weather to produce heat for your home, and the 90° weather to produce air conditioning to cool your home.

Hybrid Heat Pumps

Just like there are hybrid cars, there are also hybrid heat pump systems.  Instead of having an air handler for the indoor unit, a gas furnace is used.  The indoor unit works as the backup for the heat pump.  When the temperature gets too low outside, the heat pump can’t work as proficiently, so the gas furnace essentially takes over and helps heat the home, thus making it a hybrid system.

If you are in need of Sun City heat pump repair, contact our heating & Sun City air conditioning company. We can offer you expert advice and the best possible solutions for your home’s heating and cooling system.

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